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I have been working with John Malkovich as a decorator for over fifteen years. When he decide 22 years after playing Valmont in Stphen Frears’s movie to direct «Dangerous Liaisons» at the Theatre de L’Atelier in Paris, I felt it was a unique opportunity to follow his work and to explore this emotion I can feel when I work with him : The Dizziness of Freedom.
The film Became a journey experimented by the nine young actors who were involved in this adventure. Very soon, I was deeply touched by what became for all of us a moving life lesson

The John Malkovich Paradox

I met John Malkovich in 2000 in Madrid when he chose me to be the decorator of his movie « The dancer upstairs ». Since then, we had worked together on three plays he directed in Paris, Spain and Mexico.
During our collaboration, I was attracted by John’s vision of work : the way he trusts his collaborators and how he accompanies them. He treats us like adults : together we are and together we are going somewhere ; but everyone takes responsability for his actions. He shows us sometimes some shortcuts but let us free in our process.  
During my long experience of work, this confidence was very rare. It became so precious to me. It is not always simple to understand this method. Sometimes we can feel lost. We would love to be able to count on some directions, on the « authority » of the leader.
Alone facing our own choices, we would love someone else to take the decisions, to do it for us.
In 2012, 22 years after playing Valmont in Stefen Frears’ movie « Dangerous Liaisons », John Malkovich decides to direct the play by Christopher Hampton adapted from the novel of Choderlos de Laclos. For this new adventure, John chooses to work with young actors and for more that 8 months, he auditions many young actors from different schools and then chooses 9 of them.
It had been wanting to explore this feeling of giddiness for years. The reunion between John this text and his choice to take young actors, created a unique opportunity.
How would the young company react to this confidence ? How these different individualities would handle with « their freedom », how would they learn to be confident, to accept the way John is working. Would they feel the same giddiness as I do ?
The lasting of this adventure became an important factor : to see them grow up before our eyes.
We were strangly caught up by the passage of time and so we could explore what makes the difference between the idea whe have of something before doing it and the reality of the progress we made.
During the journey, the rehearsals and the performances, with some perspective, the actors get older and wiser. Very soon, I felt myself caught by this adventure, moved, touched by what  became, for all of us, a true life lesson. 

Biographie Pierre François Limbosch

During his studies in Archtiecture, Pierre-François start to work in the art departement for movie. He build his carreer as a Production Designer between Belgium, France and Spain and work with director as T. MArshall, S. Frydman, P. Le Guay, S. Benchetrit, Y. Samuel, JP, Lilienfeld, C. Breillat, M. Huerga, I. Coixet and John Malkovich.
He is nominated ofr the césars 2012 ofr «The wonen on the sixt floor» of P. Le Guay.
John Malkovich offer him ot work in theatre. They start with «Hysteria» (nominated ofr the Molières 2003) then Good Canary (Molière 2008) and last «Les Liaisons Dangereuses»He is working now on »Novecento» of A. Baricco, the next play of André Dussollier.

He had directed in 1996 un first documentary «The Miror on the other side» 52’ on the spanish republican exile in Mexico.Then a short film - 11’ «Reqquiem for a set ».



La pièce des Liaisons Dangereuses, écrite par Christopher Hampton
et adaptée en Français par Fanette Barraya a été jouée
au théâtre de L’Atelier, à Paris en Janvier 2011


Merci aux dix comédiens

Sophie Barjac
Rosa Bursztein
Jina Djemba
Lazare Herson-Macarel
Mabo Kouyate
Yannik Landrein
Agathe Le Bourdonnec
Pauline Moulène
Julie Moulier
Lola Naymark


Merci à John Malkovich pour son appui sans faille


Merci aux producteurs de la pièce
Laura Pels et Véronique Deshaires pour le théâtre de l’Atelier
Jean Marc Ghanassia – Marie Laure Munich – John Malkovich


Antoine Morin
Séverin Engler
Jourdan Lucente
Jako Raybaut


Anna Brunstein
Patrick Ghislain


Marie Gascoin
Rosslyn Hyams


Musique Originale
Nicolas Errera
Éditions Les notes qui s’aiment
C&P 2014


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by Russ Smith, producer :
«A beautiful behind the scenes look at a creative venture. With a great deal of emotion. Congratulations»
by Anonyme :
«Your film is also, in my opinion, a life lesson about Freedom. »
by Anonyme :
«This film could be a reflection and a work thought for high school students…and for adults who cannot move on with their lives…»
by Anonyme :
«John Malkovich seems to be the wise man who guides and then step aside when he sees that everyone can proceed without him. He is a touching person.»
by Anonyme :
«This film is a real gem ! »

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